Thriving farms are at the heart of a globally prosperous future.

What's standing in the way of social and environmental sustainability? Get an overview of the cycle in this video. Let me help you or your organization identify opportunities to improve the future of our planet.

But rural families are leaving the countryside in droves. 

For this to change, farming has to generate profit, prosperity and pride - not subsistence. 

Driving this change requires collaboration. Collaboration between farmers, the ecosystems in which they make their livings, the businesses buying their goods, NGOs, academics and researchers, activists and campaigners.

Streamlining the priorities of diverse interest groups into attainable goals that produce benefits we can see, from the bottom to the top of the value chain, is one of the greatest challenges we face, as we enter this new phase of sustainable development. Yet it is critical to achieving a socially, environmentally, and economically prosperous future.

I use my decade of experience working with smallholder farmers, non-profits, academics and businesses in Latin America, the United States and Switzerland to locate where goals and needs intersect, identify the risks, and develop workable solutions.

Solutions that drive prosperity across the value chain,

starting with farmers.



Find out about me, my mission, my methods, and a few of the sustainability projects I've worked at global and local levels.

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