Fortune's "Change the World" list offers some CSV inspiration for managers

Fortune has ranked a number of corporations according to the impact they've created in addressing social or environmental challenges alongside their business goals. The list offers an interesting jumping-off point for managers to consider when trying to envision what Creating Shared Value means for their business practices and overall strategy.

Click on the company's name to get a clearer sense of what it is they've actually done. The text provided is a snapshot, and the picture is always somewhat different on the ground. However, in a new global environment where sustainable business is increasingly in demand and becoming quickly the norm, forming a clear idea of what that means for your company or organization is key.

UK-based Vodafone and Kenyan Safaricom top the list, with an innovative platform, M-Pesa, from which people without bank accounts can "use their smartphones to save and transfer money receive pensions, and pay bills".

If you're a manager trying to integrate social and environmental responsibility into the core of your business strategy, take a look - you may find inspiration.