The Etsy of Coffee - can farmers lock into more agency in the supply chain?

This question is coming up more and more. Businesses, activists, non-profits and more are all trying to answer it. A friend and past colleague of mine from NYU, Eline Gordts, now Senior World Editor at the Huffington Post, explores the approach of one start-up in Nicaragua.

Vega Coffee engages farmers in the roasting process and strives to increase their awareness of coffee's value. It says it equips primarily women to engage in direct trade with consumers, earning up to four times what they made previously. 

The start-up is not alone in its objective and model. Gordts lists other social businesses that tackle the farmer income challenge from a similar angle. Check it out to get familiar with how entrepreneurial ambition can fuse with social responsibility and love for coffee to get farmers a bigger share of the pie.