I help businesses and organizations create lasting social and environmental impact in ways that also benefit their organizational goals.

My professional objective is to locate sustainable, market-driven ways to foster prosperity in smallholder farms producing agricultural raw materials, particularly coffee and cocoa, in the Global South.

I have over decade of experience working and conducting research Switzerland, the United States, and Latin America. My special focus is Colombia, but I have also worked in Mexico, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica. I've collaborated with farmers, NGOs, multinational corporations and their subsidiaries, and academics.

I have spent extended time on farms, and understand the obstacles rural families face daily at a deep level. Having worked with a multinational company on impact measurement, I also know the challenges businesses contend with when developing sustainable practices.

Locating opportunities to spur farm level prosperity in a way that benefits the whole value chain can be hard. Particularly in diversified companies, reconciling the needs, priorities and budgets of multiple stakeholders can make structural change feel like a far off goal.

But it doesn't have to be.

Through targeted research and specialized initiatives focused on small samples of farmers and communities, we have the chance to learn quickly and cheaply what works and what doesn't.

Structural change requires accountability, and accountability requires market-driven approaches. Philanthropy is not the future. Development projects haven't worked. Recognizing that procuring quality raw materials over the long-term requires a new approach, many companies are reconceptualizing their procurement models, turning more attention to prosperity on farms. 

While there are some success stories, there is still substantial work to be done. 

Let's develop an individualized plan to change the face of farming. Put your company at the cutting edge of rural social and environmental sustainability in the Global South.


skills & experience

• Highly committed sustainable development professional with a passion for identifying sustainability solutions that are both innovative and practical
• 10+ years of hands-on sustainability, CSV and CSR experience, including strategy development and identifying KPIs for social impact assessment
• On-the-ground experience planning and implementing sustainability assessments in developing countries
• In-depth understanding of current and emerging sustainability risks
• Strong network of contacts in companies, international organizations, NGOs and academia
• Excellent project management and presentation/public speaking skills